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Project Description


I’m drawn to the earth. A hedonist in most ways. And to see my surroundings come to life in the mystifying, meteorological movies our Mother Earth displays, brings about visceral zen to my very soul. Most times I’m out there in the world, capturing its moments, dreaming, and meditating for a better life and world, finding rejuvenation to return to a busy lifestyle, and the inspiration to return for another act.

Weimaraner, Sunset, Pigeon Point Beach, CA
Tenaya Lake, Yosemite State Park, CA
Weimaraner, Shark Fin Beach, Davenport, CA, Sunrise, Fog
Sunset around the bend at Point Reyes CA
Capitola Railroad set between eucalyptus trees looking into a tunnel of sun
Two pelicans in flight at Wilder Ranch State Park CA
Mitchel Cove Arch, Santa Cruz, CA
Capitola Railroad between eucalyptus trees set in fog
Migration South at Pigeon Point Lighthouse beach
Stone Staircase, green hillside, pink dogwood blooms
Wilder Ranch Fence in the Fog
Alamere Falls, Point Reyes, California
Soy Bean Field in Winter, Oak Tree, Fog, Sunrise
Sunrise, Watsonville, Apton, Capitola, New Brighton Beach, CA
The Dells Reflection, Prescott AZ
Labor Day Flags in the Fog


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